Only 3 Weeks Away

Only 3 weeks to Jambo!
It is coming fast.You should be starting your packing to make sure you have everything.

Make sure you have your name on everything.  Clothes, socks(each), water bottle, equipment, everything.  Here is a link to the packing list again.

We are buying everyone one set of Jambo Loops for your scout shirt.

On your mesh bags.  Here is the latest.  Council bought them and they are too small for your mess kits.  If you get them back to me by July 7th we can trade them for larger ones.  You are more than welcome to buy your own but you will need to pay for the smaller ones also.  For those of you that are farther away do you best.

Our final itinerary should be completed some time in the next week.  I will get it out to you when I get it.
It is going to be Awesome!


​Jambo Baby!

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