Only 3 Weeks Away

Only 3 weeks to Jambo! It is coming fast.You should be starting your packing to make sure you have everything. Make sure you have your name on everything.  Clothes, socks(each), water bottle, equipment, everything.  Here is a link to the packing list again. We are buying everyone one set…

Patch Placement

There has been a few questions about where to sew on patches on the scout uniform.  There is a guide on our website under information.  It is titled Insignia (Patch Placement).  Here is the link.

Last Meeting

Our last meeting is Saturday June 10th at 1 pm. This one will be a fun one!  We are going to do some rock climbing and rappelling at the world famous Maple Canyon.  Dwight will be bringing all his gear. We will leave from the church @ 12:30 pm.